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About Sandhu Hotel & Restaurant Chains


Welcome to Sandhu Restaurant Chains! Our journey originates from the visionary dreams of Sardar Gurnam Singh Sandhu, our beloved grandfather. Starting with the triumph of Sandhu Agriculture, my brother Jaspal Singh Sandhu and I, Sukhveer Singh Sandhu, ventured into the fertile realms of success.

In 2011, we turned his dream into reality by inaugurating our first restaurant, aiming to etch the Sandhu name into people’s hearts and onto their tongues. This commitment led us to establish two more restaurants in 2017 and 2019, weaving a tapestry of culinary excellence inspired by Sandhu Agriculture’s traditions.

At Sandhu Restaurant Chains, we offer more than food – we craft experiences that linger. Every ingredient narrates a story, each recipe reflects our heritage, and every meal embodies our grandfather’s aspirations. Our kitchens blend tradition with innovation, ensuring every dish carries his legacy.

Join us on this gastronomic expedition, where our grandfather’s seeds have bloomed into a thriving food haven. As we expand, you’re invited to be part of our extended family, sharing the flavors, memories, and dreams that define Sandhu Restaurant Chains.

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